Superstar 2400. No Lincoln II News Today At The Moment


News arrived today of this radio which is keenly being sold in Hong Kong as a Marine Radio. But as we know this is a CB and looks like the old Nato 2000. More than a passing shot at it anyhow. Add the UK40 and take away the band ending at 28755 and there we have it, paint it black and its a Nato 2000

I could not help but post it as looked like the Cybernet produced Nato2000 and Nato40 that am sure many of us have used back in the day.


Ø Operable on 240 channels divided into six groups of 40 channels.

Ø 2-way RF gain switch

Ø Full noise reduction features – ANL and noise blanker

Ø 5 modes of operation – CW, LSB, USB, AM or FM selectable with rotary swith

Ø Provision of PA.

Ø Concentrically mounted fine and coarse controls to fine tune to any transmission or operate in inter-channel frequencies.

Ø Tone switch to select receive tonal quality in 2-way.

Ø RF power output switchable in 2-way for required communication range.

Ø TX lamp that indicates you are on-the-air.

Ø External speaker jack for an extra sound source.

Ø Electrically floating chassis for negative or positive ground operation without switching

Ø A high-sensitivity dynamic microphone equipped

Ø Hand Microphone: Super Star

Ø Desk Top Microphone: CB-1 (options)

Ø Marine Fibre Antenna: CB-6 (options)

Ø Power Supply: SPL-212 (options)



Frequency composition, PLL synthesizer

Frequency Range:

Ø A – 26.065 to 26.505 MHz

Ø B – 26.515 to 26.955 MHz

Ø C – 26.965 to 27.405 MHz

Ø D – 27.415 to 27.855 MHz

Ø E – 27.865 to 28.305 MHz

Ø F – 28.315 to 28.755 MHz

Channels: Total 3600:240 x 5 MODE

Ø 240 (+5 KHz) x 5 MODE

Ø 240 (-5 KHz) x 5 MODE

Frequency space: 10 to 20 KHz

Emission: AM/ FM/ USB/ LSB/ CW

Power Source 13.8 VDC ± 10%



Ø AM – micro-V @ 10dB S/N

Ø FM – micro-V @ 20dB S/N

Ø SSB/ CW – 0.5 micro-V @ 10dB S/N

Selectivity: 60 dB

Audio Output: 2 W @ 8 Ohms

Fine Tune range: ± 800 Hz

Coarse Tune range: ± 5KHz

Intermediate: AM/ FM: 10.695 MHz / 455 KHz

Frequency: SSB/ CW: 10.695 MHz


RF power output High Low

SSB/ CW 12W 2W

AM 10W 1W

FM 10W 2W

SSB generation: Double-balance modular with crystal lattice filter

Coarse Tue range: ± 5KHz

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