President Lincoln II First Few Thoughts


So the radio has been here some 24 hours and has been prodded, modified, looked at, backside photographed and all sorts of things to fulfil requests from people and here are a few things I want to add to it, like a “Teds Notebook” from F1 but this time it is about a radio of course.

* Size is similar to the CRE8900 and indeed some aspects of the board are the same and MORE aspects of the board is different to the 8900. So what looks the same is, and the rest of course is different.

* FM Modulation for me is a little low. No need to cry as you buy a CR577, SADELTA, ASTATIC and the issue is solved and not any more troubles.

* AM Killer. Swings to higher power, audio is nice, receive is nice, quality of sound with the NB/ANL combined it nice.

* SSB Is nice and well balanced. Mine was as reported a little low on LSB but this was due to cold radio. Having left it in the warm 21c-24c the last 24 hours the radio now sounds much better. The comments so far have been nice with not any issues mentioned. Just asked the usual questions and gauged from there answers how it is.

* Mike Gain / RF Gain / Power / Squelch Controls. Remember when you needed to turn the control 3/4 before anything changed well this is gone and since this has finally been done it seems that Qixiang with the guidance now of making a President radio will make further ones better for customers as we all complained about the quality of controls not move till the last movement.

* It is not Uniden. That’s the first statement and the second one is that it is built WELL. I know it is hard to explain unless you touch, lick, smell something but care has been taken into the radio and it shows.

** Lincoln1: There is some homage to the original Lincoln. How the line appears under the display to change the frequency just like on LI1. That is a nice touch to see and kudos for keeping it there. Shows heritage

** Power levels are just about the right level in my opinion. Need more buy an amplifier. Easy as that.

** ASC is always good with President and hey why not. Works effortlessly with the AM and NB/ANL filter on AM it is nice to behold. FM works well also with nothing different except the lack of ANL as not used on FM only AM

More will be added here soon, please remember I will write it, just need time and have other things to do at the same time as this.

* A secret for Readers * Final remarks.. Some maybe will know if asked in the right areas of Asia but this radio has been on the plans, design and making for around 3 years now. I think in itself that is one of the longest times for a President but cannot ask as not anyone will reply to me. A LOT has changed in those times. I saw a LI2 early last year when the power control was then the mode selector. THATS HOW LONG it has been in development. And since then changed many times insiders from the far east tell me regularly.

Look, the simple no bull shit about the radio is this. Some will like it, some will hate it, some will want it the same as the old Lincoln, some will want it silver, some will want it make 60 watts and grill chickens at the same time as transmit. Love it, hate it the radio is now finally here and I will say something honestly with you. IT IS A HEAP BETTER than I thought. Originally when I heard from China that Qixiang was designing it and making it I thought jeez what a mistake. They make some tidy stuff, and some real crap at the same time. Remember the original Stryer (not Stryker) and RF Rain (not RF Gain) and V4 Maas when you press ASC the s-meter died things that happened. How the firmware works within the radio is better, no noise from the processor, no audio that sounds too processed. It really is different.

President have raised the standards of Qixiang. President has spent 3 years in this guys changing, looking, thinking, designing and then changing again. Uniden has 30 years experience and can make a CB with there eyes shut while Qixiang is recently on the scene with a huge amount of products.

Qixiang has raised there standard now, this radio is the best they have made. PERIOD, agree or disagree you have the right. It will in the end help us all as there standard cannot drop now. People will want the same better made, better designed stuff. So in the future maybe we get better radios from them, maybe they raise there price as the standard also raised.

Next videos will be shortly and next week if still hear hope to test the radio non stop over the weekend for the SD EU Contest. Hear me then record it and let me know where it is on you tube and so can show people how it sounds.


  1. Hi simon at last the L2 ,hope you enjoy the radio,sure looks good .look forward to getting the full tx/rx report . many thanks de scott


  2. Nice to know that the radio is up to scratch Simon.

    I’ve made a space in my shack for one! Should look good next to the Grant 2.


    • It works nicer than I had imagined. I’ll give it more time over the weekend as cannot use it till then as other matters keep me away from it.

      Got another video planned. Grant II mine is kept in legal mode not modifying it keeping it as new not expanded


  3. Long wait…..better product! Still waiting patiently….But Ronald mailed me it’s coming soon.


    • I asked Ronald for stuff and never replies. Had customers for him but no reply so sent them elsewhere. But he tries advertise via my video on you tube for Grant II so not sure….


  4. Thanks Simon !

    Now I now I’ll come back to the great radio world, it’s just a time question. Lincoln 2 or Grant 2, I still don’t know but you decided me for a new president.
    I will continue to read you, take my decision in a few days, and let you know 🙂

    Thanks again.
    David, France.


    • Hi David

      A million € question really and easy and hard same breath to answer

      A) You are a radio amateur and need something small for car then it’s a Lincoln and can be modified for CB making it illegal

      B) Grant II CB is legal for CB channels and sure now it’s best CB multi mode on the market as we speak. To make it do other things you modify it making it illegal for CB

      Me, I need a few more days as could not use either of them at the moment




    • Hi Simon ,

      you got the goods questions !
      Yes I’m Ham-radio so want to use the transceiver on 10M band, but I want to be able to go on cb band too with the same TX.
      G2 and L2 seems to be good for what I need. I really like the VFO mode on the L2 but not sure it’s absolutely necessary.

      I’ll wait on your tests for the Lincoln, if it don’t seems as excellent as we expect, I’ll get the Grant II who is perfect 😉

      About legality … I don’t care 🙂



  5. Hi Simon,
    Thanks very much for your interresting thoughts about the Lincoln II
    I completely agree with your comments about the improved quality of this Qixiang product.
    From the moment I heard the rumor that the Li2 was to be produced by Qixiang I was convinced that President would meet to their standards as High quality manufactorer. I Think this is the main reason it took so long to bring it to the market.


    • Hi Bert,
      I agree with you totally! This radio has been labour of love shall we say. I saw two version photos back in 2013 and you can see now the changes. I think Qixiang could be shocked at the time to make President happy. Hope yours arrives soon too 🙂

      This is far the best Qixiang radio to date (only my opinion based on DX5000, AT5555 and CRE8900) in the future there products could be judged on what they made for GPE with LI2

      Read You Soon, Best Wishes



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