President Lincoln II



Well ladies and gentlemen please let me show you a sneak peak of the Lincoln II. The new all singing, all dancing, all mode President radio which is the new model to take the mantle from the original and in very many cases well loved Lincoln. Thanks to Magician & Sopranos for the help and heads up where to find one. So what do we know as of todays date:

* Type Approved 16.12.2013
* Soon on The Market
* 10m Amateur Radio 28000-29600
* Split Frequency Operation
* Echo & Roger Bleep (Programmable Bleep)
* Power of Variable till 31w SSB, 28w FM, 12w CW and 12w AM
* CONTINUOUS SCANNING CALLED VFO MODE 28000-29600 So maybe same in Export Mode
* ANL, NB & Hi-Cut Filters
* Menu Controlled
* SWR Meter & Voltage Warning Indicators
* Works from the VOX Mike & Liberty Mike


  1. the big question yes i will but like to see more reviews and let some one find before i buy


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