El Presidente Lincoln II Insides


Tidy looking on the inside, more going on than with the Grant2 as was to be expected of course. PC Made from November 2013 and remember this radio was type approved only towards the end of December so really fresh off the shelf.

VFO Mode so the radio drops down for example from 27405 to 27395 with no need to change the bands. EXCELLENT, finally something better.

Use the PUSH Button to cycle through the options on the frequency change like it was with the original Lincoln where you moved it from the 6 on 26 then 4 then 3 then 0 so it changes along this way. Nice too, I like this for the idea also.

Power seems to be as quoted on the web, maybe a little more on my meter. The size is small, smaller than the Grant2 so will fit nicely into a car but please remember it has the heat sink on the back which makes it longer. Echo works well, the bleep is programmable and sounds like the Anytone or CRE series and you can delay time and pitch also.

USB Cable is there but the software is not. I see that the AT5555 cable seems to be able to be used when you take off the original socket. Not tried with any software as I don’t have any. Only the radio.

Complex Radio so please read the manual before you moan it does not do this, and does not do that. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, READ THE MANUAL…

Export: CUT THE WIRE. and remember the place it is told first. Nowhere else, only ME.

More about it a little later when the radio has warmed up, long way from China

If you think it’s a clone of something else. Your wrong! If you think just turn on and use it. Your wrong! Read the manual. If you think it’s interesting then your right. Another step has been taken to end the DX5000 dominance there has been for years. More reports and more tests going onwards……


  1. hey groeten iedereen kan er mij eens iemand zeggen of de modulatie ook meer te zetten is via het menu van de niewe lincol 2 groeten 73 en graag van iemand antwoord.


  2. just tested the radio. very complex function and good strong FM modulation , not muffled and weak like the G2 which I’m selling right now. In the near future Qixiang will dominate the CB market.


    • I had the LII just for a test. I still have the G2 and i wait for the CR577 mic to arrive from Neuer. If the new mic will not improve the FM modulation I will sell the radio. I’d like a clear , open modulation just like the Thomas, not a muffled one.
      I’m sure that when the G2 will arrive in the hands of Denis in Russia radiochief.ru , he will find what mods need to be done in the mic preamp deck to improve the audio. I also modified a Thomas under his advice and it’s sound broadcast quality, tested on Sennheiser equipment 🙂


    • Brilliant website in Russia and sounds a great guy. Sadly language wise am lost there 😦 I think 577 improves it more but sure maybe you find differently. LI2 it’s kicks ass the 577 mike. Drop radio mike gain to 30-33 and away you go.
      Hope your well? Regards Simon


  3. The board certainly shares a lot of design and shows similar heritage to the CRE 8900 but looks a lot cleaner in some respects. I note that there is a missing header on the board near the processor – likely a JTAG port for programming the processor (not that it’s needed at this point being an export radio). The USB cable seems to terminate near the same place on the board as the 8900 but I would give it a 50/50 chance that the CRE software would program it. The RF deck is virtually identical to the CRE and much of the major components are easily paralleled. Looks like a sweet radio and I’m sure it will live up to its “little” brother the Grant II.


    • Yes agree on many things. 8900 software does not work I tried it and was a number of errors. Can also be my software as was not latest V2.2 software. 5555 cable can be used direct to board if bypass the rear programming slug.

      But you’ve a real good analysis of what you can see that’s sure.

      Thanks for writing



    • how about the Grant II board? shields are missing from the RF deck and has lees than half components of the Jackson 2 , a radio with similar functions.


  4. it looks to be a great set but which one grant 2 or lincoln 2 hard decision but it might be down to the price £199 for the grant 2 or ??? for the lincoln2


    • Your so right of course! But Lincoln 2 is aimed at different market of course. Sometimes my words are taken the wrong way. You need really hear the L2 to know the difference in how it sounds. It’s like a new BMW when you sit inside and see the controls.
      Without reading manual many won’t get the best out of it


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