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As always we will start with the disclaimers. Yes the ideas and thoughts are mine, mine alone. I neither endorse or condone the radio. I have come to these conclusions while using the radio on Saturday 2.2.2014. I have made 1 recording and already received criticism that the audio was too loud from the speaker so let me say here once and for all YES I KNOW THIS VERY WELL the sole point was to hear an independent person +/- 1000km away opinion of the SSB audio. Link is below:

This was from a contact to Lapland, the radio was the Lincoln II, Mike was the RF Limited CR-577 and the antenna was the Antron 99 in the garden attached to a fence post. ALSO please note I live in a place where there is noise, it is near an airport and a shopping park. SO PLEASE DO NOT WASTE ALL THE TIME by writing the s-meter has noise as YES it does due to the reasons mentioned above. So remember this when you write you would buy it tomorrow but do not like how the s-meter works.


As mentioned before you need to read the manual first to help with the set-up and for me I found the mike gain set at 32 with the mike set at Volume 4 and tone 6 made for me what was the best outcome. I tried the standard mike and was a little less powerful on SSB/FM and perfect on AM. As we all know, if you need strong AM where the market is for President then you loose something on FM. Cannot have it all.

I set the NB on to try and help with the noise at my location. GR2 also gets the noise but with less effect it seems. This will be featured another time.

Contacts were made into Ireland, Asiatic Russia, European Russia, Lapland and Algeria with radio power and there was no issues even when the Algerian station was sometimes at noise level it was easy enough to make out the call of 146LR0 and so the contact was made.

Russian Taxis were always loud, always strong on the band from 25.6 upwards and indeed the Sochi Parrot a simplex repeater was accessed and the audio coming back was excellent considering the amount of noise on the band, conditions were not at there best due to all the noises from the east.

To be factual the Lincoln II was NOT as I had expected. I started the day thinking it would be alright but not great. The more the day went onwards it began to grow on me and that is the key. This radio will either grow on you or will not. There will be no middle ground at all. The menu system when you have gone through it is excellent, the mike gain adjustment on screen and volume on screen levels are an excellent idea to show you where your heading. Roger Bleep I set at 1770 and 500 for the pitch and delay and this sounds a mix between Lincoln and original Jackson sound. That is for me how I want it to sound.

To the people who only want to buy it as it will be like original Lincoln, it will not be. Some ways it is like with some options but they are light years away in most things. People always ask me if the Lincoln or Grant will be keepers or ebay radios (meaning short life on the desk) NOW there are two Presidents on the table, away is the Yaesu and will keep them there working. GR2 in normal EU mode and Lincoln is expanded.

I found for my ears only the Liberty worked better on the GR2 than the LI2 and indeed the Astatic Minuteman worked on both really well but with the adjustable tone of the mike I have to say the CR577 was exceptional. Reports from many places told how natural and strong it sounded. Not my words but the words of the people who kindly offered an opinion.

Uniden will forever be Uniden. Enough Said

Qixiang. They now will be judged on this standard as light years away from the RF Rain radios.

With this they have proved there is a new kid on the block now for real. President went with an idea and did not except anything till the idea was how they wanted it (I guess) and the trouble now will be for all the people who want the cheap OEM radios they will need to pay more as the bar has been raised, components changed, better integration with the firmware done.

AND TALKING OF FIRMWARE: I have tested the Alinco software and the CRE software as the “geniuses told me” I know these will program the radio, and yes you are of course right? IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL.. For Information. The radio wont read or write where the others work 1st time, so wrong.
And why the need for a programmable Lincoln II? Is it so important now? I think these days are past now

“What are the pots Simon” “Will it do 60 watts like my Maas”

I do not know if it does it, need it then buy an amplifier. YES I do know now which pots do most adjustments but will not be sending the list anywhere. The radio comes set up, and sat at home in our house, bar, car, office you are not an engineer so no need to poke around inside at all.
ALSO remember each radio has been tested, checked for perfect quality. Poke around, no warranty and £300 down the toilet if there is an issue.

4 thoughts on “President Lincoln II Saturday

  1. I fully agree with Stephen in his comment above. I am always looking forward to your new reviews and video’s.
    And of course circumstances differ from person and sitations. you never can please everyone!
    Thank you for all your time you put in your blog and YouTube, I appreciate this very much!
    Btw Next Thursday is my “Lincoln II” day! 🙂 🙂
    Thanks again Simon from 19CT008, Bert


  2. its like this simon some you please and some you do not no mater wot you do you will never please them all but some like me myself are very happy some one is taken the time and money to do this A BIG THANK YOU for if it was not then how do we know wots bad and not so folks stop with the stupid questions and are these people that ask dumb questions are numb heads that give cb a bad name? thank you simon for your time and money cheers 73s


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