Signal to White Noise Lincoln II

Already was berated by a 26SD member that and I quote ” to ask an SD member to QSY to a frequency is not ok ” But Chris was kind enough to answer me and QSY. Distance from locator to locator is around 360km so this is the best option unless I hear 35AT160 to show the noise versus low signal.
My location is one with many noises. There is always QRM and most signals are well ahead of the noise but Chris was at the thresh-hold of the noise level.

President Lincoln II
CR 577 Mike
Sigma Eurocomm 1/2 Venom

SD Contest time not interested as such, have given some progressives but thanks to Chris this video can show the low signal in noise being worked. Video does not show how well it was to ears but for the distance involved, low antenna and low power from my side am more than delighted. AND REMEMBER THE 26SD1*7 Police can listen to you when you ask for someone to QSY, my mistake. But Chris was a gentleman to help me.