Romania To UK on Grant II & Side By Side Grant II & Lincoln II


Happy to Showcase a video from a radio friend of mine on his Grant II and Sirio Performer 5000 to the UK. Not sure of where he is on the band, maybe 385LSB but am not sure but the receive is nice in the car that is sure.

And the second video is from Charlie Tango Tim based in Germany who has done a side by side video of the Grant II and the Lincoln II so you can see a side by side look. Personally I think they both sound a little off and need some clarifier BUT IT CAN BE THE CAMERA so don’t shoot the messenger like me with lots of emails about it.

Congratulations to Tomi & Tim amongst others for there time and patience making videos to show the wider world what is happening on the air with the Lincoln II and the Grant II

As we all know President also makes antennas and I am trying to negotiate the loan of a couple of them from a dealer who reads the blog. The Colorado 1800 and the Himalaya. Plus there is the ML145 and Virginia of my own that have sat here some time. I’ve read some reports and it shows that the Colorado 1800 should match and indeed beat some of the Sirio range if the reports are true. SO WAIT AND WATCH THIS SPACE. Due to locational issues it is hard to get sometimes something to test but talks are in an advanced stage now. The most difficult area is the shipping of such items. But it would be nice finally to show the antennas. As we know President have 3 year guarantee and 5 year with the purchase of a President Antenna. SO WE ALL NEED THE TESTS. And remember MADE IN SPAIN so not Chinese also, and that is a key key selling point in my book

8 thoughts on “Romania To UK on Grant II & Side By Side Grant II & Lincoln II

  1. many thanks Simon!
    so… the CR577 mic has just arrived and it makes a HUGE difference on the radio. I wasn’t expected that!
    No more muffled sound but very clear with the perfect tone. Very very pleased and yes the Grant II is a keeper.
    I also want to thanks Markus Neuer @ for the professional approach and super fast shipping as usual!

    best regards, 73 , Tomi


    • Hi Tomi

      Thanks for the news and Markus Neuner is a true star! Am delighted that it works for you. And indeed it makes such a difference. Hear the 577 on the Lincoln II it truly makes 100% better audio. Look forward hear you or see you in BP one day. Regards Simon


  2. yey yes I was on CH 38 LSB and the conditions were with UK and Canada. I was on the radio origininal SSB power which is quite low on my Grant.
    Maybe I will send the radio at Hans in Germany to check it out.
    very very interesting Tim’s video a proper receive test that lives no room for further comments ….
    thanks for posting the video , all the best Tomi


    • Your welcome for the posting and congratulations on the video. Radio was working well indeed. Tim has a great video. My ears say the clarifiers need moving but Tim will be making another with Lincoln1 am informed. Have a nice morning 73 Simon


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