Charlie Tango Tim Lincoln 1 Against Lincoln II *** NEW VIDEO WORKING ***

Here is another video from Charlie Tango Tim, a station in Germany who has a selection of President radios sat on his table including the Lincoln II & Grant II.

This is a new video as the last one vanished from you tube and indeed that as I wrote before is the third case I know of this happening in the last 48 hours. Personally I have not had the issue of the distorting but not used it with such a loud signal maybe. I will try and replicate this myself and post what I see.

What can I say Tim? Kucha Hans and his 8900 mod maybe for the erotic s meter am not sure what to say. It is disappointing indeed I cannot tell a lie. Transmitted audio I have been told I sound nice on mine? And also told today people selling them and buying the Alinco DR135DX in Germany and Holland? I cannot comment but seems a weird way to go.

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  1. very good video and many thanks Tim! looking forward to see a proper test with the Grant II. 73, all the best , Tomi


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