R.I.P Josef from Josefs Funkladen


Sad news this morning broke by Markus from http://www.neuner.de that Josef from the Josefs Funkladen has passed away. This man had the most amazing stock on his farm in Bavaria. It was an Aladdin cave of stock from New Old Stock Astatic, new Sadelta mikes to packs of old Jackson 1 sat in the box as nature intended and never were used. Some even wrapped in cling film they were shipped in.

Josef was shall we say a “character” and was one of the few, if not the only one that shipped President Lincoln and Jackson into the former communist states like Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. Many a person who was on the air prior to the 1989 revolutions was on a Funkladen supplied President. Often shipped in a truck and smuggled over borders. It could be there is now still a President Jackson and a DV27 in the woods to the south east of Brno towards the border with Austria. I activated from 179 division back in the day, before was liberated and in the end we threw the radio, mike, power lead, antenna and mag mount into the woods.

Those were the days….


Gone to Soon Josef

Even when in ill health he was a customer man. I shared a Schnitzel with him in the darkest depths of Bavaria after a visit to his store. It was even almost impossible to find it with navigation. I remember his Koi Carp and his Russian Mig Aeroplane in the back of his house in the garden.