Thanks Alot To One And All


Over 84,500 hits since the 1st January 2014 so thanks very much. It shows the power of our wonderful hobby. You can have new people to the hobby, old seasoned ones and those just wanting to see what is out there.

Thanks to the visitors who clicked, dealers who supplied, companies who pass information and the people who have commented. Here’s to the next 100,000

2 thoughts on “Thanks Alot To One And All

  1. Hi Simon, congratulations!
    In the early days there was no internet and we had to learn about developments in our hobby from magazines and on the air.
    Today the news is spread over the world in a split second. Online magazines, forums , blogs, Facebook etc.
    Your blog is one of my favorites, because most of the time you have a scoop when bringing the news.
    Also your reviews en videos are much appreciated!
    So keep up this good work!

    Greets, Bert


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