President Lincoln II In The Weeks Ahead


Since the release of the Lincoln2 there has been uproar in many areas of how different this one is to the original. I’ve read comments, mocking videos and the rudest statements about the radio. Even those who never invested in the radio are all red in colour and angry about it. That shows the passion I suppose? It is on the back of this that I decided to contact one of the Groupe President Electronics companies and waited for a response which indeed has arrived via email so can tell you what I think is some of the interesting parts of the message. These parts are highlighted.

President are aware that some people have reported to them the troubles with the s-meter and the AGC when there is a strong signal, front end over load. The percentage is not high, but there has been some and now there is underway work to cure this. President have watched videos, read blogs, looked at forums and have seen what people are saying. Normally as people will know President never comment until there is something concrete to say. So the fact there is an answer must indeed mean something is happening behind closed doors.

I understand also that even if you have cut the wire and thus invalidated the warranty that President will honour whatever the work is needed to make it better under warranty from the first production But please understand me well, I do not know at all what is planned with this, not told just copied the part of the mail that says it.

When more news is available, whether I am informed like this time I cannot say. The person who emailed me told me there should be some news towards the end of March 2014. What that news will be I cannot tell you, have no ideas at all but when I get more information I will add it here.

So the key points seem to be:

AGC & S-Meter issues being addressed

How and what form this is not announced or told so we need wait and see within the next four weeks
FIRST PRODUCTION Pieces will be covered if the wire is cut.
Is there anything else being done? I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL.
Videos are watched, forums read and feedback although I guess tough is being addressed

So we now must head back to standby mode and wait. IF more news comes then I will add it here. It maybe is not what all the people want to hear but it is something. Better than just sitting and moaning.

* Comments of a rude nature will not be approved and IP addresses forwarded onwards
* Dates of course can change, depends on President and when they are ready to announce things.
* I DO NOT KNOW what they are planning, only have the bread at the moment, not the butter and filling.

Information correct as of the weekend. Written and stacked for release Monday 3.3.14 via remote.


12 thoughts on “President Lincoln II In The Weeks Ahead

  1. Thanks for the news Simon,
    I also have encountered the above mentioned issues.
    So ‘m curious How President is going to solve these, even with the cut wire.

    Greets, Bert


    • Hi Bert

      I don’t know. Only answer I can say today. I know from mail they are working hard with Qixiang. That’s important at least something happens. But now hard part it’s waiting time. I’ve two with same issues so will be nice when news comes. Greets Simon


  2. Yeah, after waiting so long for the radio to be delivered, now start waiting when issues will be sorted.
    ‘m now using the NEIM 1031 MK2 on the L2 and this improves receive indeed, but is not a real solution.
    Very happy anyway with this DSP unit.
    Sometimes I disconnect L2 and reuse my Intek 5500 V5 (no S-meter lambada at all)
    Greets Bert


    • Hi Again Bert

      Your running the DSP unit on the Lincoln2? How do you find it. It works real well for me, not a solution indeed but at least makes the radio more usable. Also added a better speaker ( 5.1 sound ) as was recommended by someone on facebook and it sounds now real nice. Intek 5500 does work well too, DSP also makes this sound completely different also. And indeed no lambada on this one.
      Greets Simon


  3. Surprise, surprise….I did the same: Connected an old 5.1 system left from an earlier computer and this really gives lot better sound. I find the DSP-unit a real improvement on the L2, after playing with the settings. It also partially suppresses the interference of plasma tv’s and plc-units (Power Line Communication) which I am suffering from in my environment.
    So this unit is a keeper, also on the Intek.
    Greets Bert


    • Surprise Indeed. Playing with the settings is the key. Which settings did you use in the end? I think mine will still need changing but the device works well the Grant II and also the Lincoln II but ultimately it is another investment into an expensive hobby. PLC do not have here but near shopping centre and airport so the noises are well documented indeed. Unit is a keeper indeed, mine was from Poland I think. Does the job super well indeed
      Regards Simon


  4. Hi again Simon,
    Another investment indeed, but IMO worth the money.
    My DSP is connected via the external speaker of the radio. (Did not try the audiolevel input yet)
    I did set the inputlevel a little higher than adviced in the manual. So the green led is on and the red led is flashing.
    Filter level mostly on 3, sometimes level 2 is sufficient, depending on interference level. White noise is almost gone and voices stay clear….When on higher level the voices just get a little distorted and makes distant stations harder to understand.
    So this is my short review of the BHI-Ltd NEIM 1031 MK2.
    Greets Bert


  5. it will resolve and things will be better but patience is not for allot of people but the ridicule is very childish and immature i have seen a little set yesterday called a Josan never seen in the uk but it was a polish site and am but the set looked very good you take care simon get well soon and from a friend to a good friend i have a big respect and lets see more videos best regards stephen 26mr021 and m6sbn


    • Josan yes indeed they are also sold a lot in Russia. Take a look also at MEGAJET sometimes some of those are interesting little sets also. Ridicule well not going comment here as have the IP addresses now and have passed them onwards. 2 from o2 online, some from NTL, BT, Talk Talk. They seem to forget when you do something not good the IP address gives an idea where to look and then the authorities can do the rest. Speak soon, 73 Simon


  6. I’m glad to say that my Lincoln 2 is fine. I have been really happy with it. The meter is a little fluttery on FM but its fine in SSB which is where i use the radio. Maybe i got a good one, or maybe i’m just expecting it to work within normal radio capabilities and not expecting any miracles from a radio which was less than £250 brand new delivered.


    • Thank you for writing. Nice to know how yours is working. Seems indeed hit and miss. I’ve been told today from Poland a man saying same as you. Where one in Denmark is upset and simply put quite angry.
      Thanks for writing. 73 Simon


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