President Lincoln II The Updates


Guys please read the words here before opening the file and indeed read them well. It is important and I stress important that you read the words before opening the file. FIRST OF ALL I would like to thank the people at a GPE Company who kept there word and sent the information. BUT here are the facts. I emailed one of the companies after the abuse that was levelled at me via the blog, dealers, the maker and tried to see if anything could be done. And be sure the informa


IF you want to update yourself make sure you are of strong will, very competent skills and know EXACTLY what you are about to attempt. I cannot say this enough, only attempt if you feel you know what you are doing.

IF NOT then consider sending or taking to your local dealer, receipt in hand and leave it with them there and allow time for the update to be done (time varies dealer to dealer I would say)

I am told, and I believe as the engineers worked bloody hard am sure to make this work that it does cover the following errors from the initial shipment:

SSB Receive
S-Meter Lambada
Received Audio

And a footnote to those who told me we buy another one. I believe the next production of the Lincoln II will be cured and will have the same mods installed as are mentioned here at the moment.


Above is the file and I would like to say “Thank You” to GPE for sending me the mod and telling me about there work in advance. Meaning they would look into the feedback and make some changes.

So now at 15.34CET I can offer the following to the fools who write shit to scare people:

Document is from Groupe President Electronics. It’s not a fake document as suggested by some German & English people online.

Do nothing but contact your dealer unless you want to fix yourself at your risk. It is important to ask your dealer for advise.

First production devices only are covered. There is no production 2 at the moment although I was told there is (I asked the person who sent PDF) So again go ask your dealer….

And what’s worst? The people who doubt, lie and cause troubles don’t have the radio. So if you own it ask your dealer!

Simple As That…,

3 thoughts on “President Lincoln II The Updates

  1. lets hope this gets things back on track in this very competitive market as you know let your customers down and they go else were but it a very fast reply but all this could have been sorted before they went on the market thanks simon for the help and i hope every one appreciates it.all the very best simon take care


  2. Very good news, Simon!
    I am very surprised and thankful that GPE-company did publish this mods so soon.
    Will there be a set of components to replace the originals be made available by GPE? that would be very nice!
    I will do the mods myself, but will wait a while to hear or read experiences of other users.
    Thank you once again, Simon for your efforts in this. You are the first again!!! with the good news.

    Greets, Bert


    • Hi Bert, All these news are very new so not much known. I guess you would need to buy the components as GPE deal with dealers really and not individual customers (I guess?) it is my understanding people tested it before release and it works well. But no news direct from customers. The news I was lucky that my emailed questions were answered. For that I thank GPE. Sorry slow reply since issues from weekend quite busy. Hope your well and best wishes
      Greets Simon


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