President NM-110 Is It ….?

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* Sorry Junk Quality Photos, Telephone not the best *

So something different to write about this time. Made in Spain (Catalonia Barcelona) so the question is this hand free kit a Sadelta in President clothing? Not guessing anything here some presumption, smoke and mirrors and indeed have not seen this mike in the catalogue but here is a run down of the small boxed mike.

Electret, Up and Down channel change on the box
Long cord for mike and also for the connection to the radio so easy to install.
Spit Deflector comes with it (Wind Blocker or as it is called)

The box labels the mike works with the Taylor II, Taylor III, Harry II, Jimmy II and Johnny II so this means sure it could work with the Grant II which is the reason I have got the mike. These mikes were obtained from Barcelona via an online web shop.

The tests of the audio and like will come as and when there is some time. The board as you see is well cut, nicely made and generally looks to be……. but there is no basis of my words, just a stab in the dark or a thought that’s all.

SSB and Mobile Audio will be the key here and when at home, when time we will have a spin and see how it is.

Till then take a look at these online, seems they are not so widely around the EU? As have not seen them but seem something that could indeed be interesting if you do not want to head down the wire free route of Liberty?

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