Albrecht AE5890EU Banned from Sale


Interesting news landed in email this morning from Switzerland. It seems that the regulatory body has asked that the radio be banned from sale from the 31st January 2014. The Swiss “Federal Office Of Communication” “Bundesamt für Kommunikation” (BAKOM) state that:

Said device may be since neither sold or promoted in Switzerland. Even the giving of the device is prohibited. Already on the market equipment may be operated. However, they must be taken out of service immediately if they cause specific disorders.

A ban will be imposed by BAKOM, when it was found during an inspection of the authority that the device in question does not comply with the applicable regulations in Switzerland and interference to radio communications and may cause radio and television interference.

I also understand that a report has been sent onwards to other offices or telecommunications in the respect of the issues with the device and it is expected that other countries will act on this information. So can be banned in other territories? More news when we have it here on the blog.

The above link shows the prohibition notice.

Photo used (c) Markus Neuner

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Also interesting is that the popular Baofeng UV-5R, UV-3R, was or is at the moment banned from sale for very similar reasons surrounding emissions.


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