Team VHF/UHF In One Box.. UK VHF “freenet” System?


Its not legal yet but already there is a radio ready for the new VHF/UHF System in the UK should it be made legal. The radio in normal life is a 136-174 / 400-480 but is locked to the 6 channels VHF Freenet and 6 channels UHF PMR. Fitted antenna (can undo the glue ) and maybe expandable with software but it is 500mw on both formats. Freely for sale of course in Germany for 84.90 euro so not expensive for the system as and when it is made legal.

Of course people will still use there Baofeng, Yaesu, Alinco and others but this is something for those who want to remain on the legal side of the spectrum. Name of the radio is the Team Tecom Duo

If you want have some fun then why not program in the free net channels to your receiver. Who knows how the sporadic e conditions will be in the summer and there are some devices on some rather large mountains in Bavaria and the like so why not take a listen, you never know? My record for freenet was 312km from the Czech Republic to the repeater on Tegelberg and that was with 500mw and normal antenna.

Channel 1 149.025
Channel 2 149.0375
Channel 3 149.050
Channel 4 149.0875
Channel 5 149.1000
Channel 6 149.1125

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