Austria Get’s It’s Own Albrechts…


So as one of the most technically locked CB countries will soon receive the “joy” that can be legalised AM/SSB to go with its 26965-27405 FM channels it was a shock to the community that the country would still not allow multi-EU radios. Meaning those that can make more than the legal 40 channels.

Jump into action Jorn from Bensons in Hamburg who will modify for his customers the AE5890EU and AE7500 to allow legal sales in the country and the multi-EU disabled. There could be a fee for this service and so it is needed to make contact directly with Bensons Funktechnik.

Will President & Alan also make there radios single banded? Think easy for President as move the jumper across while leaving the white wire in place disables multi-norm but Albrecht are the first to show there hand in this at the moment. Will people want them this way, nah I do not think so. More are likely to export norm them than leave them as is.

But well done to Albrecht and especially Bensons for being the first to show there hands in the new market area.

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