Anytone AT-6666 Memory Scanner

Well there seems to be a few more of these on the loose but NOT ANYWAY to get one it seems at the moment. The freebies have been given out and the voices are rumbling around that this is the Lincoln II Killer. I will say YES maybe was the case when the Lincolns were not modified but the modified ones, and those modified by President themselves have been sprinkled with pixie dust and are working well. I worked 223AT0 on a Lincoln II in American Samoa and on a HF radio (no name to avoid upsetting people) the band was silent.

Below is a presentation of the Memory Scanner on the 6666 and I have to say the radio looks nice. I was told from Germany that President had this radio, they tested it.. I don’t know, don’t ask me as have no ideas.

Is this a seller the 6666 well who knows. Does it program 60 channels per band? Write to me if you know it…

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