President Lincoln II V3 RX In Germany

Recorded a few days ago and with sincere thanks to Mario “Spookyelektric” this shows how the radio was sounding in Germany last week I think it was (maybe Saturday) Radio is as above, mike was a Sadelta MB+ and lets face it all Presidents work well on Sadelta, around 80watts and the antenna was the President Himalaya

From the /P have spoken to a few people who on air are saying the radio sounds excellent, clear and sharp but when that translates onto certain forums the radio sounds bad, off frequency and the like. All it proves is that there words are not reliable. If you say one thing on air then keep your story straight and don’t change it to suit others with the same philosophy. This radio does work well, there is no hiding it, no lies and indeed not any need to make false comments. * Remember the next time we speak I maybe will record the QSO so there cannot be anymore lost in translation comments *
YES the V1 was a little off in some ways, it is well documented and well known. Plus the people who thought changing values in the engineer mode would make it better failed in this. V2 addressed almost all issues, the channel change was still the same but now this is fixed with an all new channel change and still till today I cannot make it skip a beat. And I still repeat and still the same blind people seem to ignore the fact this radio was addressed on the hoof, meaning in production and not fobbed off with nothing till another version came along. V2 was made better for the owners of V1 without any troubles at all. No others bothered to do that..

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General consensus is that the DX5000 needs a little clarifier adjustment as sounds a little low.