ADI Telecom AM-580

Coming from Taiwan and sure soon to be soon in the EU under the name of a reseller is the ADI Telecommunications AM-580 Amateur Radio.


Full Receiver Frequency Range: AM/FM, Airband, Marine band, PMR band
758 Memory Channels
Dual Receiver on UU, UV, VV
DTMF/2 Tone/5 Tone Encode & Decode
Dual-band Watch
Automatic Power Off
Beep Tone
Compander for Audio
4 Burst tone(1750Hz, 2100Hz, 1000Hz, 1450Hz)
PTT Lockout
Editing Channel Name
Frequency Reverse
Busy Channel Lockout
Wide/Narrow Band
Mix Band Repeater
Password Setup
Detachable Panel
FCC, CE Certified

RX: 118-174MHz, 220-260MHz, 350-390MHz, 400-490MHz
TX: 136-174MHz, 400-480MHz
VHF: 50W/25W/10W/5W
UHF: 35W/25W/10W/5W

AM-580 English Manual_2013.3.07

The link above has the first version release of the manual

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