Vero VR6600 PRO

Arrived via email late night and indeed looking very Yaesu’esque is the Vero 6600 PRO which is now available F.O.B for around $400 depending on the quantities that you will purchase. What do we know about the radio?


Place of Origin Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name VGC
Model Number VR-6600PRO
Type Vehicle Mounted
Dimensions 157 X 66 X 33.5mm
Frequency Range 136-174MHz/222-225MHz/400-480MHz/480-520MHz
Storage Channel 1000
Talk Range About 50 KM in the open area
Colour Black
Backlight Colour Green, Yellow Green, Sky Blue, Marine Blue, Amber, Orange, White
Output Power 50 Watts
Channel Capability 1000 CH
Material Engineering plastic
Weight 2.1 kgs
Warranty 12 Months
Cross band repeater Yes
Distribution model Exclusive Distributor
Transportation By express/air/sea

Large LCD Display

Incredibly flexible dual-band display: You can easily set your own individual preference for dual receive and full-duplex operation. 5.2″ X 1.6″ (130X40mm) Large DOT matrix (264 X 64 dots) LCD display ensure excellent visibility-night or day.

Control Head Separation with Ease

The display control head is designed for easy separation from the main RF Power Unit -10 foot control cable included. Optional 20 foot control cable is available. The separation cable is supplied with the radio allowing the compact remote control head to be installed almost anywhere.

Built-in Three Speakers

Dual speakers on the rear of the Control Head with Independent Volume Controls for maximum flexibility. One Speaker built-in the ease for those noisy environments.

Cross-Band Repeater (X-Repeater) Capability

For emergency work or to extend the range of a hand-held unit, the VR-6600 PRO includes Cross-Band Repeater capability.

1000CH Huge Memory Channel Management Capability

Independent 500 memory channels with memory name tag function (up to 8 characters ) for each L and R band (1000 channels total), including9 PMS (Programmable Band Limit Memory Scan ) channels for eah L and R band (18 channel in total), a rewritable preferred channel for each L and R band, 31 cannels specifically allocated for the smart search function.

50W Powerful and Reliable Output Power


DTMF Microphone Included

The front panel built-in microphone activates PTT transmission. A HM-68 conventional hand microphone with DTMF is also included with the radio.

Optional Functions

Loads of GPS & APRS Flexibility

Complete with TNC and various APRS information and functions- Receive WX information from other APRS weather stations, exchange messages etc.

That’s all the information from the message to me…

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