Evolution Update


•Backlight analog instrument for indicating the intensity of the received signal and the transmitted power.
• Channel display on the display with blue LED.
• Red LED indicator to alert transmission and antenna not connected (AWI Wrong Antenna Install).
•Selectors backlight AM/FM radio, automatic squelch (ASQ), audio filter, CB/PA.
•Rotary Switches backlight for the selection of the channel, squelch , RF gain, Mic Gain and Volume
•Button to automatically scan channels and menu
•Selectable backlight between blue and red.
•Dual Power 13.8 V/24Vcc.
•Output for additional trumpet (PA).
•Prepared for Echo card/Roger Beep.
•Microphone connector 4 PIN.
•DIN standard dimension for installation in the dashboard or with bracket and Dual Power
•Installation in the dashboard or with bracket (included in package)

Just an interesting thing I found. The radio is prepared for echo and roger bleep like the Intek 550 and has an AWI like the Midland radios so guess we can see some DNA there of who the maker is.

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