Expedition Iberia 2014


Soon an intrepid team of Czech CB Radio Operators will embark on another expedition and this time it will take them to Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar so sure as the sporadic e season is now open for business there is time and indeed ease to hear them on the air


Here above is the direct link to there news. Always the same team make something interesting. They were at the top of Norway one year, then Macedonia and Albania another time. If I am correct as of the last time I think was a President George and a Sirio 16 radial antenna was used.


Above the link to the Balkan trip back in 2012

So take a listen after the 28-29 June when it all starts and will be +/- 3 weeks of action

Myself from 8/7-15/7 am in France, maybe only a handheld radio but also will be listening now and then too.

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