Anytone AT-6666 Transmitted Audio

It is always very nice when we can post a video with a down to earth and no B.S talk about a radio. Meaning a radio is praised for its working in writing and then repaired ASAP as was not “all that” CB Radio Magazine dot com in the USA is always on the case and has the quickest videos that there can be. Lincoln II, Grant II he was quicker than many with a review on the air.

Listen to the echo, very and I mean VERY similar to how mine sounds on the Lincoln II. Also there are some traits you can hear in the audio although they are not the same on the insides.


Above is the latest specification we have on the unit and it seems to be 40 channels programmable and not 60 as per some reports. Although there is now a “newer” version coming we will see if any of the gremlins that are there in earlier ones are still there now.

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