Carant Antennas & PMR Fun

Around 12 years or so ago I made a visit to Carant Antennas which are based in Gyor and bought a 12 element Yagi which I used with various radios on the PMR 446 MHz band. Indeed located on one mountain I managed to speak with Slovakia and a mobile station on the D1 highway heading towards Brno which was around +/- 200km away. The antenna in question was the Carant ACY12 and the radio was an Intek 2000 which was modified for a BNC adapter and was set at 2w in export mode. The antennas are all extremely well made and I found there customer service was excellent and I was made very welcome in the factory and shown around. I am planning another trip there soon for some more antennas as it is open season now for PMR and it needs a certain type of antenna to go and have some fun, and that is what the summer is all about. FUN. check carant out at there website: maybe there is something for you also?

2004 is the link above showing some of the craziness of the PMR DX’ers and the hills we were standing on during the “stafeta season” (network events)

Also documented with the non modified Intek at 500mw, standard antenna and a 219km contact.


Add to this SRD 868Mhz where DX’ing was started in Czech Republic via Zdenek Usti, Jerry Nove Mesto and myself. I think the best we made on that band was 104km with 10mw from the outskirts of Prague to Smrt in the North of the Czech Republic.


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