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First of all my sincere thanks to Robert 121 for allowing me to see the software that is looked at now. I understand this is the release version 1.00 by asking in China so I suppose there will be no new things added with it when it is out with the radios.

So a lot of myths surrounding this radio are sure now dead after a check of the software.

NO 60 channel per band programming (manual does state this also)
8 Programmable Roger Bleeps and not just the 5 pre installed so it is like the SR955HPC and XM4006E Stabo
No echo Adjustment other than on and off so needs be set internally
NO TX and RX difference, so just channel mode and not any difference
VFO Mode is not in the menu, same as not within the radio also

Some of the pundits in the UK and other places will be surprised and find another reason now not to like the radio as sure there is something they needed but it is not there. Indeed many features I was told about are not within the QX6666 software.

Maybe we are entering a new arena with PC Programmable radios. Maybe it is pay for the features you need and not get all for nothing. For me I think that is the best way onwards, charge for the software and the features. You want different RX & TX frequency sure we can do that $5 and so onwards. In this way all the radios are not the same.

This is the second radio now with this style of software. Honestly it is not really worth to release the software. Apart from changing the bands how you want them (if software and radio can do this) there is really no need for the software. Comes till 30105 so no need unlock via software, memory channels are dead easy via button press, colours etc. 5 Roger Bleeps or 8 with software? Not worth it at all.

The Judge and Jury will decide, the paying customers for the software. Time will tell

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