Kucha Hans Prepared President Grant II

Was such a nice surprise today to speak with 21FB005. Not heard him in around 4 years I think so delighted to hear him. Was only my second QSO on the 6666 and he was testing his HM Funk Prepared President Grant II and was sounding good. If one comment was a little nasal but can also be how the speaker and stuff sounds here. Was nice to be also down on the 985. Used regular from 84 start of 85 to speak to my friends here in Hungary. So in homage to PW466, PW467, PW470, PW405 we still use it. Still in contact with 466 now almost 30 years… Still uses radio, still makes the DX.

Kucha Hans Grant II
Astatic D104M6
KL203P Amplifier
Sirio Gainmaster.

Thanks for the QSO and hope to hear you real soon again

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