President Lincoln II v2 side by side Stryker SR955HPC

A video posted to our small Lincoln II forum on facebook and real nice to see one side by side. I don’t have the Stryker here anymore so could not offer up a side by side. There are a few owners of them on other forums and so sure they can also make a side by side. This time the sphere of action is 10m.

My sincere thanks to Bert for the kindness to spent the time and make the video. I know we also have being recorded soon Lincoln II verses Alinco DR135DX as many think they are the same, also a George and a MK1 Jackson against the Anytone and the V2 and V3 Lincoln.

Hope we are able to feature these as and when they are arriving online. Also some other models against others am told from readers are being lined up too so am happy to see all of these videos.

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