The Beast Alan 560


Something for a change, and I don’t know where it is now or what happened with it. I HAVE not heard it on air since the Red Baron (Diddi) was in Austria and was +20db for everyone who was at around 220km from his location. The radio was a Kucha Hans Made Alan 560, on each side was mounted 2x modified KL550 amplifiers, there was a Belcher filter on the inside, echo board and the unit was running 48volt technology for the power. The radio was running around 10w If my memory reminds me well and then hit the “fire button” and that catapulted the unit to over 1100w FM from the back of the radio. Used with the Motorola “Bomber Mike” you could hear the radio even with your radio off..

I think these videos, for sure the middle one shows the radio in action. It was a one off in the “DOMINATOR” series and made by Kucha Hans, who can be found at The radio I was running was a test piece, one of maybe 3 in Germany. It was pre-V3 and was added with more power, external s meter, better echo and for the base what was to become the Kucha Hans DX5000 which he went on to modify and get them right before the Chinese managed to sort them out.

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