President Grant II Noise Floor Homemade Gainmaster

Tim has just upped another video of the noise floor on his TSGM Antenna and shows really a low noise level. I have only ever seen this low a noise level on mine when the antenna was not connected so shows it does something right. I am not sure of the SWR how it is but so nice to see the low noise floor. If he comes and moves to my location near the airport it never drops below a S4

How does your radio perform, make a recording and let us all see the noise floor that you have there. If I had the lack of noise Tim has I would be well delighted. Think I need search the crevices of the cellar at another location and see if my Gainmaster is still there or not?

5 thoughts on “President Grant II Noise Floor Homemade Gainmaster

    • Yes they were on a forum I’ll have a look. I had a video of it somewhere “pocket IMAX” he calls it. Hm I’ll look around and see if have the link anywhere still


  1. Great stuff ! How much was the total build cost for this ? And I wonder if there would be any way to build a wire version of this antenna ? There was a wire type of Imax a number of years ago which never got around to production. But a wire antenna of this type with the info available as open source for the lay person to build and hit the hills would be great !


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