Tribute to Ken “The Oxman”

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to speak to a member of the GB Radio Group and afterwards I googled it to see where it was and there I found some names I recognised and also saw a video of someone who I knew and never knew had passed away. The video is a tribute to him and also for the band of breakers that were there to help with antennas, take radio to the rig doctor and other things. A story of how CB Radio was a passion and the kindness and generosity of breakers no matter age or anything else.

If you have time watch the video. I think it is a nice tribute and well worth watching. We must remember many people got into the hobby later in life and sadly they are not around forever. As you watch this lets think of those who have passed on, who were true gentlemen on the air and the legacy to the hills, channels, friends, family that they have left behind.

And if you remember the antennas the Black Knight and the Silver Knight then drop me a line as i’d love to hear from you.

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