Zodiac Out With A PMR & CB


The name Zodiac which was a well established and remembered Swiss company has gone into solvency in the 90’s and today seems to be coming back with a whisper more than a bang? Above is a PMR446 Mhz 8 channel license free radio and more than that they have a re-badged Intek as a Z30


The radio is a Maxon produced and costs around 55 euro on the market although have seen them for sale for as low as 40.00e In Italy.

I have been one of the lucky ones to see the Zodiac museum that was brought some of there pieces to a show and it is an impressive collection. Am I happy to see this “ALL NEW” Zodiac yes indeed. They made some good stuff.. And if positioned correctly this is a company with a place on the market. Too many old companies vanished in time, some through cash, some due to people passing away. Even when OEM made something or other it is a name that is nice to see.

Myself Zodiac M244 I used for years and it made me so many countries it is hard to remember. Was retired as a radio when I left the UK but never once missed a beat in all the years in use.

The museum can be found: http://www.zodiac.ch/

Check it out.. And look for Project X from 2006