President Lincoln II v2 RX Tests

Ralf, 13DA121 has been once more busy with his selection of radios and this time brings us two more receive tests from his modified v2 Lincoln II. This time against the President George and the original Lincoln 1.

In these days of trolls and those who are in simple words obscene and pathetic it is now always the case to add disclaimers. The location of the radios, the local disturbances, the background noises and the cameras all make difference in how something sounds. In the case of the above video there is a clear clear winner.

And the above video sure there is a winner there also. It needs no explaining, it is easy to see. Thanks to Ralf for spending the time to make the videos, and in one of the videos there is 108AT277 and I am not sure 100% but think he is also running a v2 Lincoln (needs to be confirmed)

Same for me with the Grant II. All antennas except the Thunderpole Galaxy the s-meter sits around S3, turn on the other antenna and the noise is S1. So remember before you huff, puff and make criticism each and everybody has a different situation for the radio….

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