Superstar CRT9900 *Updated Menu Guide*

With sincere thanks to Eric for sending me this I can add it here. There are some updates to the original manual from the forthcoming CRT9900 radio which seems to make it a little more customer friendly if you ask me. The new items seem to be 12 and 13 on the PDF File. One allows for the ASC setting to be handled on an individual basis (good for different locations and noise scenarios) and number 12 which allows a change in the channel and frequency set up of the radio.


Sadly it seems that the software like with ALL from this series does not allow you to set in the software different receive and transmit frequencies and also as the radio comes with 5 roger bleeps and some are saying not 8 then look in the software there are 3 options there to allow for a further 3 thus making a total of 8 different ones. 5 are pre-programmed and 3 are empty waiting for you to sort it out.


Above is the new order list for the menu on your newly bought CRT9900 and remember as always to send us a line and say how well the radio is performing for you.

249 euro and comes COMPLETE WITH THE CTCSS/DCS inside, and not any option