They’ve Landed

Internally known as the QX6666 this new radio from Qixiang was bound to cause a stir and indeed all three of these radios in one shape or another are the same but different. One comes WITH CTCSS/DCS decoder on the inside and the rest it is an optional extra. Two of them have a RSSI (Receive Strength Signal Indicator) in the software to help adjust ASC but does it work.


Over the next weeks we will have news about them, do they get to hot, how is the audio, how is the power and are they really going to do more than a simple blip in the world of 10m SSB. So I will be back shortly with some of the news and views, just need to be home and see how it goes.

These are just a selection of 3 radios. 1 produced in April and 2 produced in June 2014 so will see did anything change in those months. Back soon with more news.

And remember:

CRT9900 Available via PJ Box in the UK
Team 1011 Is Available via Neuner in Germany
AT6666 Available from Nevada in the UK

And to the readers from Belarus. I will try find who exports what you need to you and answer via email when I know.

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