Austria and Multi EU Radios


In a recently released answer to questions surrounding the adopting of legal use of multi-EU radios please find below a transcript of part of the letter and a PDF from the BMVIT concerning multi EU Radios.

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) has in July 2014 specifies the regulations for the operation of “Multi-Standard CB Radio Equipment” in Austria as part of a “OFB Info Letters 2/2014”.

In the “Information Letter” from the Ministry it is stated, inter alia, (Quote):

(…) Multi-Standard CB radio equipment have, depending on the technical equipment on settings that represent the nation-state controlled by the Member States of the European Union opportunities and ECC Decision ECC / DEC / (11) 03 are different, namely setting possibilities concerning the frequency range of the CB radio system and the maximum number of available RF channels (eg additional 40 channels in the UK, Poland and Germany, etc.). In most cases, the setting of these parameters is done individually via a switch on the device or via appropriate software programming.

The construction and operation of CB equipment (…) is only permitted in accordance with the general permit under requirements set out in the radio interface FSB-LN001 parameters. This means that it must be ensured with the use of multi-standard devices that commissioning can only take place on the designated frequencies. Changing the setting may not work with simple means. This means that a change (to a setting different from the radio interface FSB-LN001) may not be possible during operation.

When you first install the device special consideration must be taken that only those mentioned in the radio interface FSB-LN001 parameters are selected.

The owner / operator of a CB radio, the system contributes to the proper setting itself the responsibility. (…)

Below is the PDF of the document: