Qixiang The Game of Boards

So there is a flurry of many new radios around at the moment from the maker Qixiang. They have come a super long way since the Hannover and the pre v3 radios. I remember the first ones with black marker pen hiding the real name of the radio. And when uncovered it showed the eagle of the Hannover brand. Indeed that now seem’s a world away and a generation of differences from the radios of today. Below is a selection of boards from there radios.

These include:

CRT Superstar 9900
Alinco DR 135DX
Lincoln II
Team Ham Mobile Com 1011
CRE 8900

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Photos: Markus Neuner & AT5555n 91DD018 David

And the best 2: In no apparent order:

CRT SS9900

Team HamMobileCom 1011

Less white noises, more active s-meter, power options, audio sounds less processed than some other Qixiang radios.