UHF / VHF CB Antennas Slovakia

Well I always like to be first and then see all the others copy so here again we have a first on a selection of antennas for any proposed UHF & VHF CB Band and the prices are excellent. From £13 to £22 and each antenna handmade and can be tuned and prepared as for your desire. MADE IN SLOVAKIA and indeed on order here to try from the mountains in Czech Republic below are a sample of them:


55cm long with 1.7dbi, no radials
42mm pole needed
0.3KG Weight
100w rated
Price £9.99

And with the 1.7dbi this means transmit with 1w and becomes 1.7w ERP


420-470MHz but SWR 1.0 on 446.00625
0.4kg weight
200w rated
Dipole Antenna


134-174MHz Dipole Antenna
Tuned for 145Hz (can be adjusted or sent for Freq you need)
Bandwidth 37MHz
300w Rated

So the antennas are out there. The cost is extremely good for the antennas. If they were to be allowed or be legalised then the start is there. I have some on order and we see when they come. Also available are airband antennas, dipoles for 136Mhz and yagi antennas up to 8 element for the 446Mhz band.

I used a 16 element Carant Antenna in 2003 from 1700m ASL on PMR and jesus it kicked some ass…

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