FCC Proposes $14,000 Fine To CB’er

I these days when the “little vans” are again working there way around the UK looking for those who are transmitting illegally it is interesting to see what the FCC has planned for those across the pond in the USA. Below is a link to the ARRL website which sheds a little more light on the situation across the pond. If this is an example of what can happen in the land of the free then sure there will be more things happening in some areas of the EU sooner rather than later.

Link: http://www.arrl.org/news/view/fcc-proposes-to-fine-cber-14-000-for-not-permitting-station-inspection

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  1. it will happen its getting that way now and its needed as some of the stuff that’s said on you tube and forums is crazy and we have the tail tellers who listen record and post the one in Northumberland will be busy I used ssb mid band yesterday for the first time legal power and was getting 50 miles and no propagation and getting very good reports so no need to do any thing illegal only one complaint was turn your echo off and been told that’s the best audio ever heard on ssb


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