“Test Soon” Sunker Elite CB 115

Some people swear by them in Poland and I know that some swear at them so cannot have any opinion without testing one? So soon on the blog and the you tube of simonthewizard will be the Sunker Elite CB 115. Looking very much like a ML145 from various makers this antenna comes with the following quotes:

600w Handling
142cm whip
4 dBi

elite115sunker elite 115

Comes with the magnetic base and includes delivery for £22. Sadly at the moment I am sick, not home and confined to another QTH so will only try the antenna later. “Too many cold beers” I was told caused the illness… But from that no comment..

I have contacted Sunker a few times to ask about the antennas and where they are made and some other questions but at the moment there is never a single reply to emails that are sent.

*UPDATE* The antenna arrived and on the packaging in Polish reads:

Wyprodukowano w Chinach dla Sunker. And the company address in Garwolin

So the antenna is Made in China for Sunker. Another mystery solved…


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3 thoughts on ““Test Soon” Sunker Elite CB 115

  1. true not every thing out of china is bad but like to see results how it performs not to bothered about high wat as we in the uk will never get any were near the limit but its got good competition from a big name like sirio it will have to good to beat them


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