SP1BKS 11metre Dipole

Recently I have spoken to a few stations in Poland and they are running wire antennas and the same call-sign was used when I asked who was the maker and did they have a website. Well the answer is YES they have a website and indeed YES they make the antenna. Below is a rough idea of the bandwidth and the information about the antenna (to the best of my knowledge)

Translation from Polish:

Antenna DIPOL 11m CB band Antenna DIPOL CB stays in the colour of the sky !!! Excellent antenna if they are problems which disturb neighbours base mount type antenna half wave or 8.5. This antenna looks like ordinary link.

Excellent CB antenna for 11m band (frequency range 26.50 – 27.50 MHz resonance adjustment possible) made ​​of very firm and solid materials. Built based on years of experience with various materials ranging from wire cables with different cross-sections energy in isolation and without cables typically military antenna with phosphor-bronze material.

The application of construction was one:

My antenna design is made ​​in a solid, careful off by strong materials. For the construction I used stainless steel bolts, screws secured the varnish, balun 1: 1 was made ​​in tight casing which is both shackle insulators are of material resistant to weathering and porcelain, cord used for radial part is brass plated steel cord 3mm braided PVC (resistance almost like copper), braided rope water-sports colour of the sky – silky-polypropylene to Affection antenna 4mm very strong links section for attaching the coaxial cable prevention included pulling the plug. The antenna is very mobile, easily and quickly assembles thanks August I used the butterfly nuts.

– Antenna cord load 70kg and 300kg prolonged working at break
– Nautical cord to tie 4mm antenna 170kg at break

The composition of the antenna concept includes:
– Balun 1: 1 – antenna cord earned isolators and thimbles of lengths 2.65m and 2.65m
– Nautical cord to tie the antenna sections 2x10m

Antenna weight:
1kg Antenna does not contain a coaxial cable, a balun is closed UC1 socket. I would recommend this antenna or cable RF5 RF7 – at longer distances


Price of antenna excluding shipping: 135,00PLN (£26, $42 or 33 EURO)
Costs are based as of 17/9/14

Website: http://www.antenykf.com

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