More Yosan Radios

Fast on the heels of the “Micro” which sounded quite well to me on the videos come another few radios which I believe are also multi-standard so will work across the EU with multi-norm capability. Some of the radios look similar to others on the market but seem to be at least well made when you look at some of the videos based on the radios online.

Below Yosan CB-250


Looks similar to me as the Lafayette that is currently on the market.


Above is the Yosan CB300+


Above the Yosan JC-350 Which looks familiar


Above the Yosan JC-650


Above is the Yosan CB50 which we know as the Lafayette Apollo Pro


Above the elegant looking CB100

Many radios, all different and all with something to offer on the market. Hope to see them in stores with either the Yosan name or indeed Lafayette or whatever name. While some people think makers are sleeping it is nice to see new radios appearing on the market
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