Interesting Upgrade Lincoln MK1

Back in the day there was a chip called a chipswitch that allowed Lincolns to do more things that it was supposed too. Memories and down as low as 24MHz and more. Overnight here an email came from Switzerland about another modification that proposes the same or similar ideas to be added to the original and also allow multi norm operations including the 80 channel channel guide. So here below are the details:


DE80CH: The FULL GERMAN channels including 1-80 on the display
40CEPT: The normal 40 CEPT FM channels with Alpha Channels
PL40CH: Polish 40 Channels ending in 0
FREE: 27410-27995 Frequencies most used for SSB
GB40CH: 40 UK Channels
AFU: 28000-29700
FREE: 24-32MHz (Radio actually works from 25MHz and Upwards
AF10M: Repeater Frequency R1-R8 with the -100KHz Shift

Thanks to Max for the video

Tested on Boards:


ALL that I know is the item is available from Bavaria (I was told) Costing I do not know at all so no need to ask me. I will however try and find something else out.

It reminds me back in 1997 in Czech Republic there was a company ALLAMAT (All Amateurs) and they were selling the Lincoln GOLD Edition which had the chipswitch installed, 50w SSB Power, 30w FM, 8 memories and worked from 24950 MHz upwards although it lost the top end of band so ended around 28.900 USB and the cost for one of those back then? Was around 320 euros.


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