Sirio 4000 R

There cannot be anyone on the air who has not used a Sirio 4000 antenna. And these antennas kicked the ass of many an antenna back in the day. And now there is a new version of this antenna on the market. To be fair I am not sure what has changed with the antenna? Maybe internally some upgrades but also seems to be that the bandwidth is a little less than before. Not sure so clasping at straws mostly.


There was a time not long ago that most people on a hill or out and about were running the older version of this antenna. No matter where they were it was most common to hear. So will this turn out to be another legend of the 11m men? This will be seen in time.

– CB & 10m Mobile antennas
– High power handling capability
– Tunable from 27 to 30 MHz
– Protection from static discharges DC-Ground
– 17/7 PH tapered stainless steel whip
– Suitable for magnetic mount
– SILVER version available

Part Numbers:

P/N 2211605.05/RIG

Electrical Data
– Type: base loaded
– Frequency range: 27 … 30 MHz
– Impedance: 50 Ω
– Polarization: linear vertical
– Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2: ≥ 2000 KHz (180 channel)
– SWR @ res. freq.: ≤ 1.2
– Max. power: 600 Watts (CW) continuous, 1800 Watts (CW) short time
– Mounting: UHF-male (PL 259)
– Cable Type / Length: not supplied



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