More UHF CB News

As these days the most exciting things happening seem to be the acceptance that UHF CB Radio should be implemented then we will spend a little more time at looking what could be available. Australia is indeed a world beater with this at the moment. The UHF Scene has repeaters, unlock codes for radios to make them 80 channels instead of 40 channels and there is a buzz that is long lost these days on 27MHz or so it seems. What appeals most to be of course is the modifications. Below is unlocking process for two Unidens:

The best source for the hobby is without doubt and here there is the one stop shop for all things that you need on UHF Radio.


As you will see the latest news is not current at all which is a shame but the chance to see what is there and happening although back in time is an invaluable guide for those of us who want UHF Radio and hope to see it sometime in the very near future.

Although I do not recommend you do it, and tell you not to do it there are tests underway on hand held radios with external magnetic antennas for distance tests happening now inside the EU. There will be no specific locations given and time frame but there could be some videos in the future or a little later in the future so watch this space as they say.

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