President ML145 “On An Island”

So although the weather is colder and the voice is a little under the weather I decided to try and make some contacts from a new island on the Danube (Inland Waterways Islands) this is something fun for me and makes a change and also shows me what the high level of QRM hide from me when am sat at home. Today there was a choice of two antennas, a Sirio and a President. So this is a brief what happened with the President:


So the antenna has a 6 year guarantee, is classed as a 5/8 with bandwidth quoted of 180 channels. From the box mine was flat from 26900-27700 and then either side it raised till 1:8 on 28.015 and 2:1 on 26500 so with tuning you can see it makes these with no issues and the power handling is 600w PEP

Equipment Used:

FT-450D, DG1OGW mh31e, 30 watts and the antenna being the ML145 magnetic mount

Countries Worked: Scotland, Portugal, Austria 212km, Poland, France, Spain and Belgium

Mr Roland in Austria Landing in the log:

And above Mr Jurek distance around 560km makes the log

Next we have the Sirio Performer 5000 or Turbo 5000 on the air and let us see what that could get

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