A Uniden I’d Make With SSB Part II

Some days have passed since I added the piece about the New Zealand radio that was released in UHF format. Well I started to think what if something like that would come to market with SSB in either Europe or the United States and what could it be like and would it actually be worth anything when the dust settled. Back then I thought a little about it, then some more and now a little more on how or what it would need to behave like:


So we take another look at the radio now and see what could be on offer and what could be done to make this with SSB.

Top Right Hand Side of the removable front I would have here a clarifier and a course. This would need to be like VFO in format and track the way the frequencies are (export mode only) so if asked to change frequency then you could go to 27397 or 27392 and so onwards. If it cannot track the way the frequencies are like VFO mode on CRT9900, Optima, AT5555 or Lincoln II then it is not worth nothing

Below The Top Right Buttons This would need to be a multi-norm radio after all. So why not add some of the things that are needed these days and always. ANL, NB, HI CUT, CTCSS, DCS and I would use in the menu for RF Gain and Mike Gain so not to clutter the front panel more than needed. IT IS the front panel that makes the radio stand out, this is the key point of the radio (The Face) And make sure the audio is strong all modes. It is once again no good if loud on AM and dull on all other modes. Mike Gain 0-80 for example with a default set. Let the user decide how much they need to have it open. Roger Bleep Something new and different not the same old that many have these days.

Top Left Of Display Minimum controls like on/off and squelch. Below the buttons maybe a MODE switch to allow switching in EU modes to AM or FM and in UK Config to AM / FM / SSB so can be easily achieved while not making a mess of the front. Plus you need the F button to access menu options.

Menu Driven Put all the usual suspects in the menu system. RF Gain, Mike Gain, Screen colours, roger bleep, key bleep, Split feature for export modes. There is nothing to say a legal SSB radio cannot have SPLIT when in export and this option enabled via modification.

Junk Side Of Life So the down sides are also common and easy to see. Size is small so cooling would need some heat sink and then what? 12w PEP in legal format and 25-30w in export could cause come component issues. But needs some grunt. 12w export mode don’t cut it anymore. RJ45 not many people like it and to keep the minimal lines then the mike needs to be RJ45. Work around is include an adapter from RJ45 to 6 pin so you can use different mikes on the radio. Display cable. So, detachable head then you need cable to hide the base unit, and also to use the mike (unless you can work it so the mike fits into the headset via a RJ45 Socket) that way keeps cables to a minimum. RADICAL change of looks means money. So it is indeed a pipe dream radio. One way to offset costs is make it for sale as a CB and also as an Amateur Radio covering 10-12m in amateur format and legal as a CB in CB Format (Albrecht do this with AE5890EU and AE7500) so is an option. And if allow 10-11-12m then allow 24500-30000MHz in export. OH an it would sure need a socket for an extension s-meter. Some don’t trust light fairy lights after all?

Too much Tetley (tea) and too long sat looking at the picture. Thanks to the many who sent me ideas and asked me to write more about it. So I have, yep it is almost the same as the first article just with a few more ideas held onto it. So there you are have elaborated on it for Maciej, Roman, Paul, Pete S and others. No radio will be what all want, it is not possible and will likely with all be a mix of wanted and not wanted.. A nice dream and nice to see. Easiest solution is move to New Zealand have it today on air… Better than an article, too much tea drunk and dreams of course. MOST OF ALL, market is not big. Remember this and that’s why we cannot have all the radios from back in the day like Ham International, Cobra 148GTLDX, Superstar 360’s, 2000’s and others. Too small and too many people don’t invest and make do with what they have had for many long years

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