CRT Mike “Out Now” And “One” Soon

So it sure must be almost Christmas time as two radios that many (including myself) have been waiting for come almost for release at the same time. If you have been waiting for the new CRT Mike and One well now is the time to ask at the dealers as small numbers are out now. These radios have been a real talking point in some areas of the EU as they are small, easy to hide in the smallest places and in the case of the CRT Mike it is something many have wanted since the Stryker was released as an amateur radio. Many wanted this as a CB. SO CRT did it and have it now.

crt mike ce3


And the CRT One which is based on the super sexy and small Qixiang will be along soon. Now that is am told something special via people in Asia. To me it looks like a shrunk down AT310 chassis so be sure there will be things “hidden” inside and also excellent audio on AM something that was once only Uniden related. Delivery date now not known but keep asking at the dealers as these promise to be something special according to sources in Asia.



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