Still Time To Win A Radio

Some weeks ago we announced a competition to win a radio. There are 3 radios on offer so have a go at winning one?. A CRE8900, A President Lincoln II v3 and a CRT Superstar 9900 all sat for a winner. The idea of the competition is simple, so I will explain 1 more time and then if you want to enter then you can. If you don’t want something for nothing then that’s up to you.

So I need a postcard with these details to be entered into the competition:

Name, Address, email and telephone number (Prize is sent EMS and needs telephone number for courier)

Then all you need do is choose what you want:

A: CRE8900

B: Superstar 9900

C: President Lincoln II v3

Now sadly the rest of the rules:

Anyone anywhere can enter. Inside the EU there will be no duties and taxes to be paid. Outside of EU then the duties and taxes are for the recipient to pay. This is at your cost.

Lincoln II, CRT 9900 and CRE8900 are the prizes. Choose 1 and that’s what you get. No alternatives offered.

Last Day of the competition is 26th January 2015 and after this date the winner will be notified via email so add this to the entry to the competition please.


Send entries to:


PF 446




All radios will be sent locked to 10m and should you need them modified then am sure you know a way to do this. I will not offer the radios modified and cannot supply the instructions how to do this.

Worth the cost of a stamp?

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