Team HamMobile Com 1011 Heads To UK **AVAILABLE NOW**

News from Paul at Sigma Eurocomm is that he has or will soon take delivery of the Team 1011 which as we know has been selling rather well in Germany in past months. I cannot tell you any news more about it other than it is arriving or has arrived so check the website and see If it is already up there. The address is as follows:


As you know with a simple key press these radios unlock to use them as nature intended. Price is unknown at the moment and also whether they come with the CTCSS included or as an extra.  I have seen some websites with them being supplied with and some without. Best to ask.

Comes WITH optional CTCSS / DCS board installed as standard. This radio is the latest version of the radio. Newest Production

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Photo of radio (c) Markus Neuner