CRT Announces The New 4CF With Short Wave Receive?

Christmas time approaches and many companies relax after a busy year. CRT bucks this by announcing the new CRT 4CF which will come at the end of January 2015 and here on the blog we are letting you see a sneak peak of the radio. Yeah Yeah another hand held I hear you cry but this is a hand held with a little something different shall we say


Now take a look at the specifications:

144-146MHz (Sure can be unlocked) 430-440MHz (Guess can be Unlocked)

Cross Band & Duplex Mode

Short Wave Receive: 0.2 – 29.99 MHz

Air Band Receive: 118-136MHz AM

Long Wave Receive: 0.52 – 1.71MHz

6.25KHz for the PMR 446 Men out there (Including Myself)

CRT 4CF fond blanc

English specifications CRT 4CF

So now we have the super long waiting time in radio terms for the radio to arrive on the market. CRT has carved a niche for some of the most interesting radios in 2014 with the 9900, the CRT Mike and the CRT Mini II and add to this the super small CRT One. And already kicking off 2015 with another radio of something different. WOW is all can say.

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  1. As someone who is taking more of an interest in SWL this appeals to me. Hook up longwire and maybe some sort of connector for a waterfall display and away you go. Specs on the RX/TX dependent of course. Cheers for post.


  2. Although having something new and different its always nice, listen successfully to HF is mostly also about the antenna, right? So is there a way connect this radio to and external antenna ? Is the a ferrite one that eventually we can take advantage of by using for example a Tescun AN-200 ? Or we simply disconnect the standard one and connect what antenna we want?

    Future will tell but it seems to me that this is a radio which the user will sporadically use for HF listening, as a replacement for a forgotten short wave receiver on a trip, or here the user will not want to take to must stuff (backpacks).

    Still, I will pay attention to it as other publish videos and reports on the internet.


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